Monday, March 19, 2012

Adriana Turns One

Oops, I haven't blogged since May. Wow. Hopefully this can make up for that.

There are some moments in life when you just want to take a deep breath, block out everything that is going on around you, and take in the moment you are living in. So much anticipation is involved before big events that you forget to live during a precious moment…and the next thing you know, it's over. I try as hard as I can to just stop and try to remember the way that I am feeling in that particular moment. I did this before my high school graduation - driving there with my best friend Katie and singing at the top of our lungs. I did this when I waved to my mother as she dropped me off at college. I did this at my last UT game as a student as I watched my last power T. I did this on my wedding day before I was "carted" up the bridge to marry Michael (yes, literally carted in a golf cart …I told my "driver" - aka Jud's friend Rory - to stop and sat in silence with him for about a minute.)

I couldn't tell you how many times I have done that this past year with my new little girl. There have been so many of those moments that I have tried to log in my memory. The first time I saw her. The first time she crawled. The first time she said my name. The first time she walked. Even little moments like rocking her at night. And this past weekend, everything around me seemed to pause as I stood to the side and watched her dig into her first birthday cake. What a milestone in her (and my) life. I tried to capture these "moments" in a video for me to remember how I felt this year and to share with her one day. Happy birthday to my sweetness, we've got your whole life ahead of us and I can't wait to watch you live it.

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  1. Oh goodness. What a sweet baby! I'm just gonna move back w/o Matth so I won't have to miss all these things!! She is SO sweet Christa, and I know that first bday was a bittersweet one!! Your baby is ONE!!