Monday, January 17, 2011

New York Getaway

Last week, Michael and I went on a little NYC getaway for a long weekend. It was Michael's first time to see the Big Apple, and we had a great time. We stayed in Midtown West on 46th street, which was a perfect location for walking...and boy did we walk! And eat...

Day 1: We just started walking. We ended up in Brandt park and got hot cider and watched the ice skaters. We walked around and went in and out of shops. We got a couple of cute baby girl outfits at H&M, played like kids in the Disney Store and Toys R Us, and hit up Candyland and pigged out on gummies. That night we found a great Italian restaurant (of course) and walked Times Square and Rockafeller Center. We had dessert at the famous Roxie deli in Times Square.

Day 2: We woke up and walked to Central Park. It was in the mid 30's and sunny, which was perfect weather. We walked around the park for hours and then warmed up at the famous Carnegie Deli where I "went back to my Jewish roots" (in Michaels' words) and we split some true New York deli grub. We walked back to the hotel to rest, and then ventured out again and walked to Serendipity on 60th street after venturing down 5th Avenue and Park Avenue. The wait was insane, so we ended up at Dylan's Candy Bar for a snack. That night we went to see The Lion King (which was Michael's first musical) and finished the night with a post show New York pizza.

Day 3: This was our favorite day by far. We woke up and walked to the Empire State building after having coffee at a nearby coffee shop. We went to the top so that Michael could see NYC from every angle. It was a beautiful day and we could see everything. We grabbed a cab to the Chelsea area and had lunch at a local hot spot called The Cafeteria. After that, we walked through Greenwich Village, stopped by Washington Square, and continued on to SoHo and Little Italy. We spent hours in SoHo, just looking at shops and navigating around the area. At about 5 we headed home walking in rush hour - which was amazing. We got to see New York in full swing. Kids hanging out after school in the park, old New York ladies walking to the market, millions of people headed home after work, and students walking home from classes at NYU. At about 10th street, Michael made us take a cab home because I was lagging and waddling. I'm stubborn :)

What a great trip to make memories with Michael. Next time we go it will definitely be in the spring and maybe we'll bring the babe so that she can learn how to shop!

Here are some photos:

Times Square Shot

I made him pose

Central Park

Biggest. Matza Balls. Ever.

Biggest. Sandwich. Ever.


Dylan's Candy Bar

The Lion King

Statue of Liberty

Top of the Empire State Building

Last night - resting and watching the National Championship