Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcoming Adriana Marie Booker

Well, the little lady came exactly a week late on St. Patrick's day. She is our little good luck charm. She was a whopping 8 lbs and 19 3/4 inches long. We could not be more in love with her.

Birth Story -

Michael and I went to the hospital around 11:45 PM on March 16th for me to be induced. I was already having contractions, so the low dose of pitocin kicked everything into high gear. By 6 AM I was having contractions every 1.5 - 2 minutes. At this time I got my epidural and everything slowed down a little bit.

All day I was progressing at a normal rate. At about 2 PM, everything just kinda stopped. It actually started regressing. At about 4:00, my Dr. came in and said that a C-section was the best option...and 34 minutes later the 8 lb little lady entered the world! I remember my doctor yelling "holy crap" when they yelled out her weight. She had been measuring a 6.5 - 7 lb baby. No wonder she didn't want to come out!

Welcome to the world Adriana Marie Booker. Michael and I are so happy and our hearts are overcome with joy and unconditional love. Thank you everyone for visiting, calling, leaving notes and sending cards during this time. We appreciate the love and support from all of our friends and family.

Here are some photos of the first week of her life...

March 10 - Due Date
What a difference a week makes! March 17, Adriana's Birthday.
Ta da! Dr. Cassidy holding up the newborn baby girl.
8 pounder
Mom and Adriana's first pic.
First family photo.
Proud papa picture.
Chilling in recovery, 1st St. Patty's day.
Day 2 - playing dress up.
The best nursery nurse ever - Aunt Katie
Headed home!
See you guys! I heart Baptist Hospital...

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  1. I love you guys! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!