Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Clean...

I have some of the most amazing friends and family. I had 3 wonderful showers to celebrate Adriana and I can confidently say, I got everything we needed to welcome a little one into the world!

My first shower was in December right before Christmas. My mother's good friend Sheila hosted a beautiful shower in her lovely home that was decorated for Christmas. My mother's family and work friends as well as my work friends attended this shower. It was perfect!

My next shower was hosted by my best friends Katie, Jane, Jeanna and Corinne. It was held at Homestead Manner in Thompson's Station. We ate lunch, laughed and all of the moms shared advice with me. It was adorable, of course...because these ladies pay attention to details!

My last shower was with Michael's family in Knoxville. Lindsey, Michael's sister, and his mother threw me a wonderful brunch and I got to spend time with all of Michael's family's friends as well as Michael's friend's wives. It was so nice to celebrate the new little bundle with my Knoxville family.

And now, I wait...with my feet up.

My mother gave me a dress that I wore that my Grandmother made

I swear, I only ate one :)

Sheila Sheilds and Rachael Roberts - Lovely Hostesses

Dad to be Showed Up

Owl Themed, I love it.

Opening Presents!

The group

Sister in Law Lindsey Thomas (also having a girl, due 3 weeks before me)

My Knoxville Family

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